House of solidarity

The EU’s refugee policy has failed. Thousands have come in the Mediterranean killed. Not the causes of flight, but the refugees be fought, erected barbed wire fences and made EU borders sealed. In Germany often prevail catastrophic conditions in crowded refugee camps. Without thousands of volunteers there were many places only chaos.

The resort “In wooded Truckenthal” hand built with the “house of solidarity” together with Kurdish refugees from Syria and Iraq a refugee shelter new kind of self-governing structures. Here you can live like in a Kurdish community.

The House of solidarity

We can immediately shoot refugees in the existing wooden houses and build until spring 2017 is not yet available for use as a home address and a meeting of, as a house of solidarity. Integration Syrian Kurdish and Iraqi Kurdish refugees through close cooperation with organizations, and the population is already functioning. We work and celebrate together, we learn from each other and live together as equals. Whether refugees or volunteer, here anyone with tackle together with our professional domestic and construction team.

10 years of successful development work

Since 2003, the holiday park is operated, expanded and used all year round varied. Over 10 years of successful development work of the park is the best evidence of the competence of operators is based on many co-sponsors. The existing and continues to run guest operating refugees can be integrated from the outset. Many guests have expressed a positive attitude to get to know. The sprawling complex offers optimal conditions for the treatment and regeneration of traumatized war refugees / -families so that they can be strengthened to go back to their homeland. A wide initiators movement supports the concept with everyday assistance, medical or psychological care, language courses and much more.