Come into the house of solidarity

Welcome! We want you / imagine the “house of solidarity”. This family-friendly accommodation for refugees in recent months, expanded by hundreds of volunteers from the region and all over Germany, especially teenagers. Even refugees from Kurdish regions in Syria and Iraq and a. Have. Active with tackled. In “House of Solidarity” is capitalized mutual aid, brotherhood and international solidarity. There is the Kurdish liberation struggle closely linked. The “house of solidarity” is to be used as a temporary reception center for asylum seekers. In addition, you have the ability to draw as recognized refugees, asylum and so-called subsidiary protection status to “house of solidarity” in Truckenthal in Thuringia. So all those who have a residence status according to § 25a Residence Act. You can choose where to live and even the rent can be paid by the social security office or job center or worn itself. We invite you particularly Kurdish families and migrants.

What is special in "house of solidarity"?

  • A quiet Accommodation with a big house with apartments and two villages with cabins surrounded by nature.
  • A community that is committed to the ideals of freedom and democracy and solidarity with the Kurdish liberation struggle.
  • You can live both permanently temporarily in our facility. An ideal place of rest and solidarity for up to 300 residents.
  • There are a competent political directorate and it is a democratic self-organization, to be set up with an elected Refugee Council, representatives of women and youth.
  • The plant has a large kitchen and cooking facilities, meeting rooms, sports facilities, a supermarket, rooms for women and children.
  • There is a first aid station with medical and mental health care. We offer language courses for learning the German language.
  • Racism and fascism have no place with us! We pay jointly to the safety of all residents.
  • We organize a close connection with the community and the struggle of the people in Germany, with the internationalist, progressive, revolutionary and anti-fascist movement, with clubs and associations.
  • In the complex summer camps, music festivals, leisure and educational events.
  • Children and adolescents can attend daycare centers and schools.
  • In the region there are relatively many apprenticeships and jobs.
  • A bus stops right at the facility, the station can be reached with the hotel’s own shuttle service in five minutes.
  • Hundreds of volunteers from all over Germany to build together with refugees from the system and ensure the maintenance of facilities.